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Kilimanjaro Geography

Uhuru Peak The highest point of the whole massive is Uhuru Peak on Kibo and is situated at an altitude of 5896 metres. This is the goal of most of the trekkings that take place on the mountain. The highest point on Mawenzi is Hans Mayer Point at 5149 metres, but this point can not be reached by trekkers, and is rarely visited by alpinists.
The Kilimanjaro-mountain range has an oval shape, with a diameter ranging from 40 to 60 km and towers almost 5000 metres above the surrounding savannahs. The massive looks even more impressive because it isn't part of a mountain range, but rises independently from the plain. The Kilimanjaro is not only Africa's highest mountain, but is one of the world's highest freestanding mountains. The two summits are Kibo, the flat top of the extinct vulcano in the centre of the massive, and Mawenzi,a group of rock-towers and pinnacles on the eastern side of the massive. The top of Kibo is not flat, but is in fact a huge crater, which cannot be seen from below.The Kibo and Mawenzi-peaks are separated from each other by a large plain, which is called The Saddle.A third peak, Shira, is situated on the western end of the massive, but is lower and less impressive than Kibo and Mawenzi.


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